PHILLY BOXING HISTORY                                                                       October 11, 2013


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The 6th Annual Briscoe Awards are set to happen this Sunday, October 13, 2013, at 2PM.  The free public event honors the best of the Philadelphia fight scene, and brings together the boxers of today, past local greats, other boxing people, and fight fans. 

The main event of the day is the presentation of both the Briscoe Award, a statuette of the late 1970's legend Bennie Briscoe, and the brand new Briscoe Medal, a medallion with Briscoe's face on the front, and the Liberty Bell on the back.  Awards are given in seven categories. 

Going home with the original Briscoe Award Statuette are Danny Garcia (2012 Philly Fighter of the Year), and Bryant Jennings and Maurice Byarm (for the 2012 Philly Fight of the Year).  Briscoe Medals will be presented in five categories: 2012 Performance of the Year (Steve Cunningham), 2012 KO of the Year (Garrett Wilson), 2012 Prospect of the Year (Bryant Jennings), 2012 Rookie of the Year (Jesse Hart), and 2012 Amateur of the Year (Rasheen Brown). 


Another Philly amateur boxer, Stephen Fulton, Jr. will receive the "Everett Brothers Award", a trophy given by the family of the late Tyrone Everett, another 1970s local boxing icon. 

These awards are presented every year by, and are intended not only to recognize the accomplishments of the new generation, but to honor the great legacy of boxing in Philadelphia. 

"We give out these awards in the name of Bennie Briscoe," said John DiSanto, Editor of  "Our trophies are like no other award.  They really are works of art.  Briscoe is the symbol of everything that is great about Philly boxing, and it is important to keep his name and memory alive to a whole new generation of fighters and fans.  Bennie is our symbol, but these awards remember and honor all of the great fighters of our past.  On this one day, we bring everyone together and celebrate the sport we love - past and present." 

Numerous Philadelphia boxers are expected to attend the event, as well as most of the winners of this year's awards.  Junior welterweight champion Danny Garcia, who leaves for the WBA Convention in Lima, Peru the same day, is not expected to appear. 

Along with the Awards, a full Boxing Art Exhibit will also be presented.  The exhibit contains fifty paintings and drawings of Philadelphia boxers such as Briscoe, George Benton, Jeff Chandler, Gypsy Joe Harris, Gabriel Rosado, Danny Garcia, Bryant Jennings, Steve Cunningham, and many others. 

Both the awards ceremony and the exhibit are free to the public.  The event begins at 2PM on Sunday (10/13), at 2733 E. Clearfield Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19134.  Everyone is welcome to attend. 

For more information contact John DiSanto at, or by phone at 609-377-6413. 




John DiSanto - Philadelphia - October 11, 2013