The statue is finished and will be unveiled and dedicated on Saturday, May 21, 2011 at 1:00 PM.
Please join us at Easy Passyunk Avenue, South 13th Street & Mifflin Street.

In addition to street parking in the East Passyunk neighborhood, those of you
attending the dedication ceremony may also park at one of the locations below:

1) St. Agnes Hospital - $5 - Broad & McKean Streets
2) Neumann-Goretti High School - Free - 11th & Moore (1736 S. 10th)
3) Acme - Free - Passyunk Avenue & Dickenson Street



Philadelphia's greatest middleweight boxer will be immortalized with a life-sized statue in his old South Philadelphia stomping grounds and the very heart of South Philly Boxing. The original bronze artwork by world renowned artist Carl LeVotch will be installed on the triangle of East Passyunk Avenue, South 13th Street and Mifflin Street - just one block from where the legendary Passyunk Gym stood and two blocks from the former site of the Alhambra fight club, both of which were Giardello haunts during his legendary Hall of Fame career.

The statue project is a non-profit effort (501.c.3) being conducted by a partnership between the Veteran Boxers Association-Ring One, the Harrowgate Boxing Club and Philly Boxing History. On this web site, you can find up to date information about the project, including the development of the statue, the status of our fund-raising efforts, and ways you can contribute through donations, sponsorships, and the purchase of exclusive Joey Giardello merchandise items.

The finished statue will not only honor Joey Giardello, it will be a tribute to boxing itself and a fine public art piece in the middle of the bustling East Passyunk Avenue district.  Please get involved and help us make this happen. We can not do this without your interest and support.  Watch the progress of the project below and on other pages.




The Joey Giardello Statue took another step forward on Tuesday (11/23/2010) when the bronze was poured at the Laran Bronze Foundry in Chester, PA. The molten metal that you see in the posted photos is the actual material of the statue. Currently the seven-foot Joey is like an un-made 3D puzzle. Several individual molds were filled with liquid bronze heated to about 2400 degrees. After cooling, the white ceramic molds were shattered to reveal the raw bronze.

The next steps are the assembly, welding and polishing of the individual sections of statue. Assembly begins next week. The final work won't be placed on Passyunk Avenue until the Spring, but the wait will be worth it. 





CHESTER, PA (Oct. 2010) - The larger-than-life-sized statue of Joey Giardello came one step closer to completion recently when a full-sized red wax version of the champ was cast at Laran Bronze Foundry in Chester, PA.

The wax figure is considered the final major step before the bronze casting begins. The wax casting tests the integrity of the statue mold and allows artist Carl LeVotch to make any final adjustments to his artwork before every detail is permanently locked down.

LeVotch was enthusiastic about the recent progress of the statue, "The wax looks great and I'm very happy with it. Ernesto Ramos did an incredible job with the mold, and Laran is handling the casting process like a champ." 

LeVotch is expected to work the wax for the next few days. After that, the final stage will get underway.

"We are still targeting a December dedication date", said project manager John DiSanto. "There are many plates spinning right now, but I think we can make it. One thing is for sure, Joey looks great, and the final statue will be even better." 

The dedication date is expected to be announced shortly. Stay tuned to this web site for more information on the unveiling of the statue.


Carl LeVotch works portions of the red wax base

A detail of the middleweight championship belt

Details from the statue base (crests for the VBA, Harrowgate BC, & Philly Boxing History)

The head and shoulders of Joey being worked on the bench




PHILADELPHIA (Aug. 2010) - The full-sized sculpture of Joey Giardello has been completed by Artist Carl LeVotch and has now moved on to the mold-making stage of the process. The project contracted Laran Bronze Studios of Chester, PA to complete the mold-making and bronze casting. The final bronze figure is expected to be finished by late-September with the public dedication targeted for late October. However, a final dedication date has not yet been set.


Over the past year, the original statue was sculpted in clay by LeVotch, and was recently turned over to Laran Bronze. Laran came to the studio over the past two weeks and meticulously coated the clay statue in rubber. Coat after coat was applied to create a perfect mold of LeVotch's work. Currently the rubber mold is being covered in a plaster "mother mold" that will hold the soft rubber in place. Later in August, the molds will be cut off the original statue and taken back to Laran Bronze Studios to begin the bronze casting. That process is expected to take 6-8 weeks.

Once the bronze is finished and the South Philly site is prepared, the Giardello Statue will be installed. It's been a long road, but the Joey Giardello Statue is almost a reality. We are still in need of about $12,000 in additional funds to complete the project. Please consider helping us with a donation or by purchasing our limited edition merchandise. All proceeds go toward the cost of making and installing this statue.






PHILADELPHIA (Oct. 28, 2009) - Artist Carl LeVotch took another step in his quest to create a statue of Joey Giardello when he recently revealed for the first time the full-sized figure on which his final bronze monument will be based. Although still a work in progress, the clay figure reveals the power and beauty that his work will eventually hold. With just a single look at the towering form, one immediately recognizes that this is no longer just a "boxing project", as it has been dubbed by so many.

Although the roots of this undertaking come from both a love of that sport and an affection and respect for a man who is one of Philadelphia's finest champions, the work being produced by LeVotch is emerging as a major piece of art that will clearly take the City of Brotherly Love by storm. The simple and graceful figure of Giardello sits atop a complex cartouche and base that not only tells the story of the man it depicts, but also offers commentary and history of the South Philadelphia neighborhood where it will reside.  With a nod to the classic sculpted works of the ages, the likes of which, up to now, could only be found locally inside the Philadelphia Museum of Art a few miles away, the Giardello statue is sure to become one of the city's major cultural attractions, as well as its latest and most popular tourist destination.

The talent and effort exhibited by LeVotch in bringing this work to life, is truly inspiring. What he has created is even bigger than the great Joey Giardello or the sport of boxing. Carl's work is one for the ages and is certain to become the pride of Philadelphia. It is not difficult to imagine the impact this bronze wonder will have on the local art community and the place it will eventually hold in the fabric of the city. Scheduled for installation in May of 2010, the Joey Giardello statue will fulfill all its promise, and become a true gift to Philadelphia and all those who come to see it. In the process, this piece will also serve its original purpose of honoring Giardello and the indelible legacy of Philly boxing history. 

There is still time for you to get involved. In fact, the project needs your support to help us make it to the finish line. Think about everything that this statue stands for and become a part of it all by making a donation. No amount is too small. However, the names of premiere donors ($500 - $1000) will be included on a permanent bronze plaque affixed to the monument base. Presenting sponsors receive recognition on individual historical panels also located, on the base.

Please explore our web site ( and consider becoming a part of this important endeavor. The project is a fully certified non-profit effort (501.c.3), and all donations and sponsorships are tax deductible. For more information about the project, please visit the web site or call John DiSanto at 609-377-6413.

Donations can be sent to:  Boxing Statue, PO Box 428, Sewell, NJ, 08080.

Checks should be made payable to: "Giardello Statue Fund".

Artist Carl LeVotch beside his statue of Giardello.

The statue in the late afternoon sun.

Pollux, an ancient boxer and the guardian angel of the piece.

 Giardello's son Paul studies the statue of his father.






On Thursday (Sep. 03), the widow and one son of former middleweight champion Joey Giardello visited artist Carl LeVotch's sculpture studio in the VBA attic to take their first look at the work-in-progress statue of the South Philly boxing great. Rosalie & Paul Tilelli (Giardello) seemed to like what they saw, and gave the green light to the concept and design of the artwork. However, Mrs. Tilelli felt the champ's nose still needed a little work. So, LeVotch immediately took on the challenge and gave Joey a slight adjustment right on the spot. Now with the family endorsement in hand, artist LeVotch will begin work on the full-sized version of the statue. The final work is still expected to be placed on Passyunk Avenue in South Philly next May.




To make a contribution, make your check or money order payable to:
"Giardello Statue Fund" and mail it to: Boxing Statue, P.O. Box 428, Sewell, NJ 08080