PHILLY BOXING HISTORY                                                                       October 13, 2013


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Story by John DiSanto
Photos by Gary Purfield



The 6th Annual Briscoe Awards acknowledged the best of the 2012 Philly fight scene on Sunday afternoon at the VBA Club in Philadelphia. Fans, current boxers, former local legends, and other boxing people came out in droves to celebrate the top accomplishments by amateur and professional boxers of the Philly area. The event was presented by

Top honors went to junior welterweight champion Danny Garcia, who was named the "Philly Fighter of the Year" for the second year in a row. On Sunday, Garcia was en route to Lima, Peru for the WBA Convention, and was not in attendance. DSG Gym trainer Jose Figueroa accepted the award for Garcia.

Bryant Jennings and Maurice Byarm took home Briscoe Awards for their "2012 Philly Fight of the Year", a 10-round heavyweight battle at the Asylum Arena on  January 21, 2012. Jennings took a close decision and the PA State Heavyweight Championship in the hotly contested bout.

Bryant Jennings was also named the "2012 Prospect of the Year" for his 5-0 run in 2012, which took him from a 10-0 unknown to the #3 heavyweight contender in the world. Jennings was one of five fighters to win the brand new Briscoe Medal. Jennings is the first fighter to ever win two awards at the annual Briscoe Awards event. 

Briscoe Medals also went to Jesse Hart, the "2012 Rookie of the Year", and Rasheen Brown, who was named "2012 Amateur of the Year". 

Another Briscoe Medal was given to heavyweight Steve Cunningham, who's 12-round "loss" to Tomasz Adamek earned him the "2012 Performance of the Year" award.  This was Cunningham's third overall Briscoe Award, having previously won "Fighter of the Year" twice (2007 & 2010). 

For the second year in a row, cruiserweight Garrett Wilson was honored for the 'KO of the Year". This year, Wilson's 12-round knockout of Andres Taylor earned him the Briscoe Medal.

The family of the late Philly legend Tyrone Everett presented their annual "Everett Brothers Award" to amateur boxer Stephen Fulton, Jr.  Presenters of the award were Eddie Everett and Mike Everett, two brothers of Tyrone and former boxers themselves, and Johnny Ortiz, the grandson of Tyrone Everett.

Also on Sunday, a Boxing Art Exhibit was presented as part of the Briscoe Awards.  Works by numerous artists depicted Philadelphia fighters such  as Jeff Chandler, Bennie Briscoe, George Benton, Wesley Mouzon, Gypsy Joe Harris, Steve Cunningham, Hank Lundy, Gabriel Rosado, Danny Garcia, Tommy Loughran, Larry Holmes, Joey Giardello, Kitten Hayward, Tyrone Everett,  Garnet Hart, Gil Turner, Dick Turner, and many more.  Fifty works of art were in the show.

Additional boxing personalities in attendance Sunday included Jeff Chandler, Mike Rossman, Buster Drayton, Stanley "Kitten" Hayward, Charles Brewer, Henry "Toothpick" Brown, Sidney "Sweat Pea" Adams, Dick Turner, trainer Billy Briscoe, Dante Selby, Greg Hackett, Antonio DuBose, trainer Buster Custus, promoter J Russell Peltz, trainer Chuck Diesel, promoter Brittany Rogers, Jacqui Farzier-Lyde, judge Carol Polis, Damon Feldman, Fred Jenkins Jr., Brian Donohue, trainer Rodney Rice, Kelly Ryan, judge Lynn Carter, judge George Hill, the Blue Horizon's Vernoca Michael, and many others.

Jose Figueroa with Danny Garcia's Fighter of the Year Award

Steve "USS" Cunningham with his "Performance of the Year" Award


"KO of the Year" winner Garrett Wilson


"2012 Prospect of the Year Bryant "BY BY" Jennings


Philly legend Cyclone Hart accepting the "Rookie of the Year"
award for his son, Jesse Hart


Rasheen Brown with his award for "2012 Amateur of the Year"


"2012 Fight of the Year" winners Bryant Jennings and Maurice Byarm


Stephen Fulton, Jr. with his "Everett Brothers Award"


Mike Everett presents Scooter Fulton with his award


Rasheen  Brown with Buster Custus


Double award winner Bryant Jennings


Maurice Byarm with the Briscoe Award


Briscoe Awards Announcer Larry Tornambe




John DiSanto - Philadelphia - October 13, 2013
Photos by Gary Purfield