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2012 Philly Fight of the Year & 2012 Philly Fighter of the Year

It is time once again to cast your vote for the Briscoe Awards (2012). As usual two categories are up for grabs: "2012 Philly Fight of the Year" and "2012 Philly Fighter of the Year".  The 6th Annual Briscoe Awards will be presented in October. 

When casting your vote, please remember that these nominations are for the 2012 Philly fight year (January 2012 thru December 2012). The careers of some of the nominees have had some major developments in 2013, but these developments should not affect your vote for the 2012 awards.

You may vote for both awards via e-mail by following the "VOTE" link at the bottom of the page, or by visiting







Jr. Welterweight - North Philly

Total bouts in 2012: Three (3)
Record in 2012: 3-0 with 2 KOs
Overall Record at the End of 2012: 25-0-0 / 16 KOs
Win percentage of 2012 Competition: 88% (130-17 / 90 KOs)
Titles Won in 2012: WBC Jr. Welterweight Title,
WBA Jr. Welterweight Title & Ring Magazine Jr. Welterweight Title
2012 Titles Defenses: WBC (2x), WBA (1x), Ring (1x)

2012 Activity:

W12 - Erik Morales (52-7 / 36 KO) - Mar. 24 - Houston, TX
(Won WBC Title)

TKO4 - Amir Khan (26-2 / 18 KO) - Jul. 14 - Las Vegas, NV
(Won WBA & Ring Titles; Defended WBC Title)

KO4 - Erik Morales (52-8 / 36 KO) - Oct. 20 - Brooklyn, NY
(Defended WBC, WBA, & Ring Titles)


In 2012, Danny Garcia became a world champion and broke through as a
major boxing star. He took the WBC title with a dominant decision over legend Erik Morales. He followed this with a star-making, upset KO of Amir Khan,
and finished the year with a highlight-reel KO of Erik Morales in a rematch.
Garcia had a great year at the championship level, remained undefeated, and
made a bid for ring stardom with his three high-profile victories. 




Heavyweight  -  North Philly

Total bouts in 2012: Five (5)
Record in 2012: 5-0 with 3 KOs
Overall record at the End of 2011: 16-0 / 8 KOs
Win percentage of 2012 Competition: 85% (110-16-4 / 77 KOs)
Titles Won in 2012: Vacant PA State Heavyweight &
Vacant USBA Heavyweight Title
2012 Title Defenses: USBA (1x)

2012 Activity:
W10 - Maurice Byarm (13-0-1 / 9 KOs) - Jan. 21 - South Philly
(Won Vacant PA State Title)

TKO9 - Sergei Liakhovich (25-4 / 16 KOs) - Mar. 24 - Brooklyn, NY

W10 - Steve Collins (25-1-1 / 18 KOs) - Jun. 16 - Newark, NJ
(Won USBA Title)

TKO1 - Chris Koval (25-9 / 18 KOs) - Sep. 08 - Newark, NJ

TKO5 - Bowie Tupou (22-2 / 16 KOs) - Dec. 08 - North Philly
(Defended USBA Title)

2012 was a transformative year that turned Bryant Jennings from a 6-round
preliminary fighter to a Top-3 world rated heavyweight contender. He fought
five times in the year, all on national TV, beat some serious competition, won
two regional belts, climbed the ranks, remained undefeated, and made
everyone take notice. It was one of the best career-years in recent memory.




Jr. Middleweight  -  North Philly

Total Bouts in 2012: Three (3)
Record in 2012: 3-0 with 3 KOs
Overall record at the End of 2012: 21-5 / 13 KOs
Win percentage of 2012 Competition: 76% (88-22-2 / 54 KOs)
Titles Won: Vacant WBO Intercontinental Jr. Middleweight Title,
Won IBF Title Eliminator & Became #1 Contender
2012 Titles Defenses: None

2012 Activity:
TKO5 - Jesus Soto Karass (24-6-3 / 16 KO) - Jan. 21 - South Philly

TKO9 - Sechew Powell (26-4 / 15 KO) - Jun. 01 - Bethlehem, PA
(Won Vacant WBO Intercontinental Title)

TKO10 - Charles Whittaker (38-12-2 / 23 KO) - Bethlehem, PA
(IBF Title Eliminator / Earned #1 Contender Spot)

Gabriel Rosado put it all together in 2012, winning three fights by KO against excellent competition, storming to the very top of the 154-pound rankings, and looking like a true title threat. Rosado became the first man to stop Soto Karass, won another regional title against slick southpaw Powell, and became the IBF's mandatory challenger by breaking Whittaker's 8-year (14-bout) winning streak
in a very good year of boxing.




You may vote for your selections by clicking the link at the bottom of the page and sending us an e-mail. You can vote for both categories (Fighter & Fight) in the same e-mail. Once the final selections have been made, the winners will be announced on this web site, as well as Facebook and Twitter.








January 13, 2012 - National Guard Armory
6 Round Preliminary Bout

Two budding boxing careers, Philly vs. Philly bragging rights,
and the IBS lightweight title belt.

Records Going In:
Farmer: 3-2-1 with 1 KO  /  Witherspoon: 6-1-1 with 2 KOs

Power Productions (Greg Robinson)

THE FIGHT (as described by "...The fight of the night was the six-rounder between Tim Witherspoon Jr. and Tevin Farmer, both of Philadelphia. They vied for something called the IBS National Title. IBS Stands for Independent Boxing Syndicate. The title opportunity was obviously arranged to benefit Witherspoon, the son of the former two-time heavyweight champ. But the powers that be obviously didn't know what Tevin Farmer could do.

From the opening bell, southpaw Farmer aggressively worked Witherspoon. He won the opening two rounds fairly easily, but the action was two way. Witherspoon began to use his jab effectively in the third, and began to control things a bit better. Still Farmer made the fight with his non-stop forward-moving style.

The fourth round was a barnburner with both fighters swinging and landing freely. Witherspoon had the edge and evened the bout (two rounds each) by taking the round.

Farmer worked hard in the fifth and sixth rounds. He threw flurry after flurry, and was aggressive and busy. The fight was close and well matched. Every round  was full of action with Witherspoon fighting slicker, but Farmer landing harder. The crowd loved every minute of it."




January 21, 2012 - Asylum Arena
10 Round Main Event

Both fighters' unbeaten records, the PA state heavyweight title,
and this was the very first main event of the nationally televised
NBC Sports Network Fight Night series.

Records Going In:
Jennings: 11-0-0 with 5 KOs  /  Byarm: 13-0-1 with 9 KOs

Main Events (Kathy Duva) and Peltz Boxing

THE FIGHT (as described by         "...Jennings and Byarm put on an all-action heavyweight contest for ten full rounds. A rarity for sure. And although Jennings came away with his record unblemished and the PA State Belt around his waist, both boxers left winners...

The fight was close, with the heavier Byarm landing more consistently early on. But Jennings fought in explosive spurts that showed he was the "bigger" guy. Jennings responded to Byarm's offense with sharper and faster punches of his own, and despite the lower KO percentage between the two, Jennings seemed to have the heavier hands.

The fight was more or less even after six rounds. As they entered the new territory of the post 6th-world, you'd never know either man had yet to experience it. Both fought through any nerves or fatigue, and continued to throw punches at the other. They clinched and caught their breath, but not nearly as much as you might think they would. These guys were hungry and both wanted to win badly.

Down the stretch of the fight, the pattern remained set. The action teetered between the two with Jennings having a slight edge in work rate and power. But his bursts of activity made more of an impression.

Once the final bell had rung, the decision seemed to be a toss up. The crowd loved the fight and the steady action that it provided."




April 20, 2012 - National Guard Armory
8 Round Main Event

Grudge match after their 6-round draw three months before,
also the USBC lightweight title belt.

Records Going In:
Ocasio: 6-0-1 with 1 KO  /  Sosa: 4-1-2 with 1 KO

Power Productions (Greg Robinson)

THE FIGHT (as described by             "...Lightweights Angel Ocasio and Jason Sosa lit up the National Guard Armory Friday night by waging an all-out war of a rematch. The pair fought to a six round draw in their first meeting in January. This time, they picked  up right where they left off three months ago and made fight number two a gritty, high-energy battle that had the Armory crowd roaring with approval. After eight solid rounds of close, give and take action, the three official judges once again could not pick a winner, and called the fight a draw.

It was the type of fight that could have gone either way - one that each fighter understandably thought they had won. The same goes for the large rooting section of each boxer...

Most of the rounds were close and full of action. As expected, Sosa was the aggressor, but this time he brought an effective jab with him that helped him pile up points. He also had Ocasio missing punches far more than their first fight indicated he ever could...

But this was a nip and tuck battle. Ocasio moved and landed good counter shots all night. But Sosa's punches seemed heavier overall. Sosa appeared to hurt Ocasio in the fifth, but Angel responded in round six with his own hard punches that stopped Ocasio in his tracks. After the fight neither fighter would admit to the other's power...

After the fight, of course all the attention was focused on the scoring. Although that is understandable, let's not forget the quality of the fight put up by both men. They fought hard for eight rounds, and never took a breather. Everyone watching was treated to one of the best Philly fights of the year.

Opinion on the decision was split around ringside as well. A quick poll of the other boxing writers, produced varied judgment. Some felt Sosa had won, some favored Ocasio, and many had it even. So maybe the official judges got it right."




December 8, 2012 - Temple University McGonigle Hall
10 Round Co-Feature

Classic crossroads fight with Hunter's career viability against Belmontes' undefeated record, all playing out on national TV.

Records Going In:
Hunter: 16-2-0 with 9 KOs  /  Belmontes: 17-0-0 with 5 KOs

Main Events (Kathy Duva) and Peltz Boxing

THE FIGHT (as described by "...after seven years in the pro ranks, Hunter seemed to be just another talented boxer failing to reach his potential. On Saturday night, Hunter took a major step in changing the direction of his career with a dominant handling of the previously undefeated junior lightweight Jerry Belmontes of Corpus Christi, Texas...

Belmontes came to Philly as a highly touted 17-0 prospect, the betting favorite to extend his undefeated streak, and the fighter who could finally send Hunter away for good. But Eric Hunter, brushed off the chip he always carries on his shoulder, ignored the distrust he has of the world outside the boxing gym, and chose this night to stage his coming out party. His timing couldn't have been better.

With a rowdy North Philly crowd and a wide audience watching at home, Hunter took Belmontes to school in the ring. Despite a deep amateur resume of his own, the "Corpus Christi Kid" could not match skills with the West Philadelphian. Hunter sent his message early on, landing a few good hard shots to his opponent's head and working the body well.  Belmontes jabbed, but failed to land with significance, while Hunter attacked with his foot on the gas. More effective body work and a hard right hand found the mark as the first round ended. 

In the second round, Hunter continued to rake Belmontes' body with solid shots. Then as Belmontes opened up and tried a combination, Hunter let loose with a short counter left hook that knocked Belmontes to the floor.

The knockdown shocked Belmontes, who rose to his feet wide-eyed, but that expression would change to one of frustration as the fight wore on. Belmontes had moments in the fight, especially in rounds three and four, when he landed hard shots that snapped Hunter's head back. But this night was Hunter's. He embraced the moment, filtered his paranoia, and let his talent shine..."



You may vote for your selections by clicking the link below and sending us an e-mail. You can vote for both categories (Fighter & Fight) in the same e-mail. Once the final selections have been made, the winners will be announced on this web site, as well as Facebook and Twitter.




John DiSanto - The Briscoe Awards - July 01, 2013